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This is our commitment to you – to do all in our power to protect your wealth today and for decades to come, to maximize its growth within your boundaries of risk, to help provide you with the security and the assets you need to enjoy all the days of your life.

We are proud to work with over 26,205 clients throughout the Southeast and the United States.  Our impact as of December 31, 2016:

Helping clients build confidence and protect their assets

$11.6 Billion of Life Insurance Coverage in force

24,281 Life Insurance Policies in force

$77.4 Million of Income Protection in force

11,627 Income Protection (disability) policies in force

Providing flexibility to our clients and their families

$1.3 Billion of client policies and account values

$20.28 Million of dividends to whole life policyholders

Fulfilling Promises for our clients and their families

$29.52 Million Life Insurance benefits (claims) paid

$12.1 Million Disability benefits (claims) paid

Note: All figures reflect policies and contracts of the primary servicing agency as of 12/31/2016.