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Being a Financial Coach

Being a Financial Coach

October 14, 2016

Mike Bobo. Norm Chow. Don Coryell. Josh McDaniels. Bill Walsh.

These names may sound familiar or you may have never heard of them before, but, in my opinion, they are some of the greatest offensive minds in NFL or college football.

Football season has a way of bringing out the best, and sometimes the worst, in us. At its best, it is about the athleticism and the passion displayed on the field and the tradition and sense of community among the fan base off the field. It’s a game that brings people together. In the South, some even say it’s a religion.

There’s an old adage that says defense wins championships. While that may be true, you still have to score enough points to win the ballgame. And great offensive coordinators can help you do just that. The role of the offensive coordinator is to help execute and call the plays needed to support the vision of the Head Coach.

As a Financial Advisor, I liken what I do to that of an offensive coordinator. My clients serve in the role as the head coach in this analogy– it’s their life, their dreams, their game plan and their ultimate choice to execute the plan we come up with. My job is to bring ideas and a game plan to the table – to educate them on the foundational habits needed to be financially successful and to understand what they are trying to accomplish in the short and long term.

Utilizing The Living Balance Sheet®, I’m able to step back and take a wide angle view of everything happening in my clients financial lives, much like an offensive coordinator watches the game from a coaching box above the field. As the game evolves, as life changes, we have to make adjustments on the fly. Life happens and things will change in your financial life, just as they do in your daily life. Sometimes, it means we need to change what we are doing in your game plan.

Unlike a football game, we don’t know how long the game of life will last. Imagine playing in the 4th quarter of the super bowl and not knowing if the game clock was only two minutes or two hours long. How frustrating! Retirement planning is often perceived the same way. No matter what happens to you, we want to put you in the best position to win your game – reach your financial goals, protect what is most important to you, leave a legacy and most of all, have fun on the journey.