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Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

September 05, 2019

You’ve been an innovator from the very beginning.

Whether it started with setting up your first lemonade stand or with carefully calculating the markup on homemade chocolate chip cookies you sold at recess, that spark was always there. And chances are, it still is. You feel the underlying desire to do something different – the search to create some kind of enterprise that is meaningful to you.

Perhaps somewhere along the way, that spark might have gotten a little dimmer, and that dream of having your own business took a back seat to other responsibilities.

The good news is, it is never too late to explore a new career option that has the power to take you back to your childhood dreams. And starting something new doesn’t mean putting your life on hold. In fact, a recent study by StartupBros found that 59.7% of respondents reported having at least one child at the time of launching their business.1

Perhaps you’re wondering if you still have that fortitude, and not just the desire, to start your own venture. True entrepreneurs are built from within; take a look at our list of some of the top traits of entrepreneurs and prove to yourself that the spark is still within you. 

  • Passion: it’s no secret – any entrepreneur has a cause they believe in, but it’s the unwavering belief in that cause that drives true leaders toward achieving their success.
  • Resilience: entrepreneurs are able to bounce back. They might come across roadblocks, but they won’t give up until they’ve tried everything in their power to get through them. 
  • Open-mindedness: being open to new ideas is crucial to discovering the path that will drive your career to the next level. 
  • Self-awareness:true entrepreneurs understand their strengths and weaknesses and are able to pinpoint the areas where they might need a helping hand.

That entrepreneurial spirit is not something that ever goes away completely. It is what drives us to continue learning, try new things and go new places. In fact, some studies explored by have shown that for some, the entrepreneurial spirit is actually embedded in their genes.2  

The opportunities that entrepreneurism presents can be unlimited; from driving your own income goals to making your own hours that work with your life. Furthermore, starting your own venture doesn’t necessarily mean doing it alone. Entrepreneurs often create and build a support network to offer advice and guidance as they build something they can be proud of.

Becoming a financial professional is an entrepreneurial pursuit that allows you to build your practice how you envision it, with the support and tools provided by Ashford Advisors and Guardian. As a financial professional, your job is to assist clients by evaluating their financial goals and developing effective, customized strategies to help make those goals a reality.  Joining Ashford Advisors and being a member of The Guardian Network® means that you have a network of support to build your business. From peers around the country to your local office and the backing of a Fortune 250 company, the Network allows us to all do better together.

Working as a financial professional means devoting your career to meaningful work: improving the lives of individuals, families, and business owners by assisting them in planning for the futures they envision. Learn more about our financial professional career, and get back to your childhood dreams.

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