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From Concerned to Confident

From Concerned to Confident

September 12, 2019

Do everyday stressors affect your financial decision-making?

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® surveyed a large sample of Americans to find out what behaviors lead to our emotional and financial confidence and satisfaction, as well as how modern-day stress influences our financial decision-making1.

Unsurprisingly, working Americans are pretty stressed out, and we share common themes in our day-to-day stresses. 1 in 6 Americans claim to be very dissatisfied with their life, and nearly 80% of Americans lack financial and emotional confidence2.

This study also identified the key priorities that we all share. Some of life’s top priorities include taking care of aging parents, traveling, having enough money to enjoy life, having a rewarding career, and retiring with a secure and adequate income. The number one priority was generally “being happy.”

Can you relate?

Financial security is a high priority for many working Americans, but most struggle with basic personal finance matters, such as budgeting, saving, and planning for the future. Through this study, it’s apparent that financial and emotional satisfaction are inextricably linked.

So how do we make our priorities a reality? We must bridge the gap between our attitudes (what we think about and prioritize) and our behaviors (what we actually do).

At Ashford Advisors, our advisors help clients form good financial habits designed to meet their individual priorities and lead them toward financial confidence. With a few simple changes, you can make overall improvements.

Follow the path of the most confident Americans and identify where you can start making small changes today.

  • Start by creating a written financial strategy.
  • Live within your means.
  • Learn more about financial concepts and products.
  • Work with a financial professional.

Download our free eBook, a 12-Step Guide to Living Confidently, and go from concerned to confident.


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