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How to Swing Like a Pro in Your Financial Life

September 01, 2015

If you and I were to play golf together and we were standing at the first tee box, and you had to choose between the following, which would you choose: 

  1. Play with your golf clubs, but have Rory McIlroy’s golf swing 
  2. Play with your golf swing, but have Rory McIlroy’s clubs 

Most people, if given the choice, would rather be able to emulate the swing of one of the top golfers in the world.  Why is that? 

I would venture to guess that when presented the choice, people realize that what makes Rory a great golfer is his swing, not the clubs he uses.  What amazes me about Rory’s golf game is the balance he has with his golf swing.  No matter where the ball lies, his golf swing is in perfect balance. Rory’s golf swing is technically brilliant. There is fine tuned muscle memory to consistently maintain that balance; it seems like every one of Rory’s swings is a process.  Even when Rory hits a bad shot, he is prepared and knows how to play from whatever position he finds himself. 

Expanding on the golf analogy, let’s compare what financial advisors do to how you approach your golf game. Advisors can be generalized into two schools of thought: those who focus on helping you improve your golf swing (a process) and those who try to sell you the newest or fanciest clubs (a product). 

Our firm focuses on teaching our clients a much better golf swing rather than helping our clients go out and buy new clubs. This means that we focus on improving the process with our clients, not on a particular product we provide.  What is right for you may or may not be right for the person next to you. 

During this process, we help you organize and manage your cash flow, educate you about protecting yourself and effectively utilize wealth building principles.  If your “golf swing” doesn’t improve, meaning if the way you think about and understand money doesn’t change, a new club, or different financial product, will not solve the problem or help you reach your goals. 

From my experience in this career, far too many financial professionals focus on selling the newest or greatest product rather than focusing on what in a client’s life may be causing financial stress in the first place, which is often how a family handles their cash flow. The latest and greatest financial products may not hold under pressure and may not be right for your individual situation. 

 Just like a great swing coach will work with you on fundamentals to improve your golf game, we aim to provide you the direction you need to form great habits with regards to the way you handle your money.  When we focus on forming solid financial habits, protecting yourself financially from any storms life may bring, and analyzing opportunities for growth, then you will be more likely to have the confidence and strategies needed to become financially successful. 

And if your golf swing improves, too, all the better!