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NEWS RELEASE: Ashford Advisors Welcomes New Associates and Brokers

NEWS RELEASE: Ashford Advisors Welcomes New Associates and Brokers

July 23, 2020

Alpharetta, GA – Managing Director Daniel Taylor welcomes five new associates to the Ashford Alpharetta office. These gentlemen will take clients through a financial process that provides education, organization, and the implementation of financial strategies.

Dylan Pennick, Financial Representative - Dylan Penick has a strong passion for helping others reach their financial goals and coaching them every step of the way. He was introduced to the firm by two long-time friends who happen to also be financial professionals in Atlanta. Dylan wants to help his clients put strategies in place that support their short and long-term goals, whether they aspire to purchase a new home, build a successful retirement strategy, or help their kids pay for college. To him, it is all about learning the little things as you go that will lead you to a more successful future. “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

Tyler Kimmel, Financial Representative - Tyler Kimmel entered the financial services industry after graduating from The University of Georgia. Already having previous experience working in financial service industry, he wanted to take his career a step further. Tyler knew he wanted a career that would have a meaningful impact on families and individuals by helping them become financially confident. "Tyler looks forward to a fulfilling career and making a meaningful and valuable impact on people's lives."

Harrison Coburn, Broker- Harrison Coburn strives to be a trusted resource for his community. He has a passion for helping people and understands that the world of financial services can be a challenging landscape to navigate. Through proper education on key concepts and the establishment of attainable goals, Harrison helps clients make conscious and succinct financial decisions for their future. His comprehensive approach provides clients with strategies that will maximize their wealth, leave them better protected, and establish their legacy. "I strive to be a trusted resource for my community, and I joined the team over at Ashford Advisors so I could make a difference. Words cannot describe how excited I am to help others make the right decisions for themselves and their families every step along the way in the journey of life."

Thomas Yung, Financial Associate - Thomas Yung has always had a passion for helping others. Obtaining a degree in Psychology from Georgia State only furthered his desire to be there for others. Taking his knowledge of human relationships, Thomas decided to enter the financial services industry and acts as a coach to his clients, guiding them through an intentional journey toward financial independence. "I'm honored to be working on a great team of financial professionals and expand within the firm. I'm excited to help people with their financial journey and see them thrive."

Nick Coker, Financial Associate - Nick Coker joined Ashford Advisors because he knew he wanted to make a more meaningful impact on people and have a lasting impression on his client’s lives. He was always taught from an early age what financial stability looks like from his parents which is reflected in his career. Nick is positioned to help his clients reach their financial goals at any phase of life they come to him in. He wants his clients to be able to celebrate their financial success, clarity, and confidence as they navigate through all their financial decisions.