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Edward H. Mattingly, CLU ® (1963-1979)

Mr. Edward Mattingly came to the Atlanta agency as a recruit and friend of Mr. Green.  Mr. Mattingly was a father figure and close friend to many producers during his 16 years as a General Agent.  He continued to recruit and build upon the foundation left by Mr. Green.  Though their leadership styles were very different, the men complemented one another well and they believed in the same guiding principles: an enduring commitment to his company, his clients, and his associates.  Mr. Mattingly also carried on a dedication to his community and industry.

Mr. Mattingly attended the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 1938.  While at Georgia Tech, Mr. Mattingly was President of the Tech Club and a select member of the exclusive ANAK Society, an honor for Georgia Tech Seniors who truly exhibited a love for GT.  He also earned the Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa designations.

After leaving Georgia Tech, Mr. Mattingly worked for Coca-Cola, rising to Assistant to the President of the Parent Bottler.  In 1948, after the War, Mr. Mattingly joined the Atlanta Agency.  His success as a producer and then General Agent led him to be awarded the Harry I. Davis Award for Distinguished Service, an award given by the Atlanta Association of Life Underwriters, in 1974.

Mr. Mattingly’s leadership was built on an undying belief in the human spirit.  Aside from his agency, he was involved in a multitude of activities, from Marist School to the Deerfield Historical Society.  Regardless of the endeavor, his favorite bit of advice, given to so many within the Atlanta agency, was simple: “You’re the man that can do it.”