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Holcombe T. Green, CLU® (1930-1966)

With a career in the insurance industry spanning 40 years, 36 of them at the helm of the Atlanta agency, Holcombe T. Green  laid the foundation for success for our firm.

Mr. Green recruited and trained great men in our agency’s history: Edward H. Mattingly, Howard C. Busbey, Rodney M. Cook, Ralph Davis, and Polly Poole.  These men would all serve as president of Guardian’s Leaders Club and were members of Guardian’s Presidents Council.

According to his successor, Ed Mattingly, in an interview in 1967, Mr. Green’s success was attributed to his  “easy going affection for the people he works with and the way in which he fosters an informal family atmosphere and a spirit of cooperation.  He has a real talent for dealing with men who bear the potential for success—for encouraging, placating, and leading them to perform at peak capacity and keeping them happy while they’re about it.”  Between 1953 and 1966, the Atlanta agency was awarded the Presidents Cup by Guardian on three separate occasions.

Mr. Green grew up in the small town of Camilla, Georgia.  He moved to Atlanta to attend Mercer University, where he earned an L.L.B. at the Atlanta Law School.

Mr. Green was described as a business-savvy man, under whose leadership the Atlanta agency experienced the most growth in the number of agents and the amount of production, than at any other time in its history.