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Who We Are

Ashford Advisors is a holistic financial services and wealth management firm founded in 1898. We assist clients with all aspects of their financial lives with an uncommon, comprehensive approach to financial decision-making.

Our Mission

We empower our clients to become more financially organized, protected, and secure, and feel confident they’re on the best path to accomplish their goals.

“This is our commitment to you – to do all in our power to protect your wealth today and for decades to come, to maximize its growth within your boundaries of risk, to help provide you with the security and the assets you need to enjoy all the days of your life.” – CEO, V. Thomas Purcell, CLU®, ChFC®

Our Passion

At Ashford Advisors our philosophy is simple . . . relationships matter. We strive to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients and within our communities.

We listen. Every client has a unique situation. We work side by side with you to understand your financial goals. We take the time to discover what motivates you and what concerns you, then to develop a plan of action that suits your individual needs.

We are intentional. Our approach is thoughtful and consistent. For over 120 years, our firm has worked with families and professionals across the South to share our process, technologies and tools to help our clients build wealth, protect their assets, and provide flexibility when they need it most.

We care about our community. Our efforts go far beyond the walls of our firm. We are committed to seeing our community flourish by supporting local charities. Members of our firm contribute personally and financially to local philanthropic organizations to support the community at large. Our commitment to community is an integral part of our DNA.

Why? Because relationships matter.

Our People

Our team prides itself on having the highest level of integrity, an affinity for continuing education, and a strong desire to help our clients meet their financial goals and security. We share a commitment to doing the right thing for our clients, knowing that people matter, while holding ourselves to the highest of standards. At Ashford Advisors, our people are our greatest asset.

These principles define the firm’s core values which include a philosophy of caring, building collaborative relationships, and being a concerned corporate citizen within the communities we serve. Our ultimate goal is to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our clients and associates, and on the communities in which they live.