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NEWS RELEASE: Ashford Advisors Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Chartwell Financial Group Merger

NEWS RELEASE: Ashford Advisors Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Chartwell Financial Group Merger

January 02, 2019

January 1, 2018, marks the one-year anniversary of the merger of Ashford Advisors Memphis agency, formerly Chartwell Financial Group. The strategic partnership was designed to combine the success and strengths of the two organizations under one name.

Over the past year, the Memphis agency has continued to serve the community as a trusted resource for financial services and wealth management. General Agent and Managing Partner of the Memphis agency of Ashford Advisors, George H. Moore, ChFC®, CLU® shared, "Our merger with Ashford Advisors has been a tremendous success. It has allowed us to expand the resources and services that we deliver locally to our over 5,000 clients."

Ashford Advisors spans eight southern states with over 130 experienced advisors, specialists, and support staff. The firm operates from a shared set of values and focuses on supporting important local charitable organizations while building meaningful relationships with clients and local businesses. V. Thomas Purcell, CLU®, ChFC®, CEO of Ashford Advisors, looks forward to the future, “The merger with Chartwell Financial Group allowed us to expand our services and offerings, all while focusing on protecting our clients' wealth and building their financial confidence for the future. As we continue to grow and reach important milestones, we are able to bring value to our community. We look forward to the years ahead!"

About Ashford Advisors

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Ashford Advisors is a financial services firm with the mission of growing the wealth and enhancing the financial security of our clients through the development of comprehensive financial strategies.  Since 1898, our advisors have strived to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of their clients and the communities in which they live.  Ashford Advisors is a general agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.  More information about Ashford Advisors can be found at Find Ashford Advisors on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Financial services available to individuals and business owners through Ashford Advisors include strategies and products for financial protection and investments; asset allocation, college, retirement, business, and estate planning strategies; life insurance, annuity, and investment products, including mutual funds.